Ross Sullivan

.... I am good friends with my tenants and I know from them that the service is equally good from their perspective. This provides excellent peace of mind. I have had worries in the past, but I never worry about my property or my tenants under the management of Blackheath Lettings ....

Ross Sullivan Landlord, 3 bedroom house in Ladywell

Sarah Briggs

.... I have complete confidence in Madeleine Greeves' management of my property. She has proven to be an efficient, thorough and knowledgeable agent, and I feel very comfortable knowing she is caring for my property. Additionally, she is unfailingly pleasant and courteous in her professional relationships. I recommend Madeleine Greeves to you without reservation ....

Sarah Briggs Landlord, 1 bedroom flat Lewisham

Helen Jones

....Madeleine has been responsible for my property in Greenwich for over a year. She has proved to be invaluable as a lettings agent....

Helen Jones Landlord, 3 bedroom flat Greenwich