Sarah Briggs

I have known Madeleine Greeves for over a year. She currently manages my flat in central Lewisham while I am employed in the United States. Miss Greeves agreed to manage my property at the beginning of July 2007. She advised me of the appropriate details involved in letting my property and she arranged for the advertisement and viewing of the flat in a very timely and efficient manner. She interviewed and investigated the details and the references of tenant applicants, and she advised me on their suitability. She administered the checking in process of the tenants. She has been an excellent manager of my property in all respects since the current tenancy began at the beginning of August 2007.

Miss Greeves demonstrated a very sound instinct as to the suitability of tenants during the lettings and interview process. She selected the best tenants among the applicants and was very thorough in checking their details and references. She maintained constant contact with me during this process and consulted with me throughout. She arranged for the appropriate lettings contract which met the requirements of my mortgage lender.

Miss Greeves has handled all the financial matters involved in managing my property in a correct, accurate, and timely fashion. She advised me on the submission of the correct financial information to the Inland Revenue. Her monthly financial statements are accurate and have arrived exactly on time without fail for the past twelve months. All monies due me have been deposited in my bank account on time without exception.

At one point. the refrigerator stopped working and the tenants contacted Miss Greeves. She responded immediately and arranged for a repairman to visit the property. She was careful with the costs of the procedure, and instructed him not to proceed with a repair if a replacement appliance was indicated. In fact this was the case, and she arranged for a new refrigerator to be installed and the old one removed. She was able to secure a very reasonable price for all the costs of this incident. She maintained contact with me throughout and asked for my approval before proceeding with both the repair and the replacement.

I have complete confidence in Madeleine Greeves' management of my property. She has proven to be an efficient, thorough and knowledgeable agent, and I feel very comfortable knowing she is caring for my property. Additionally, she is unfailingly pleasant and courteous in her professional relationships. I recommend Madeleine Greeves to you without reservation.

Sarah Briggs

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