Tenant Information

Tenancy Fees

When you move into a property with Blackheath Lettings, you will need to pay:

  • Security Deposit which is the equivalent of 6 weeks rent.
  • Your first month's rent
  • Tenancy agreement charge of £50
  • Referencing fees of £25 per tenant
  • These fees are charged as part of your move-in monies so you pay them on the day you move into your new home.

Holding Deposits

At the point of making a formal offer on a flat or house to rent, all letting agents and most private landlords will ask you for a holding deposit.

Making an offer

Once you have decided on the flat or house you want to rent, you need to express your interest, negotiate the details and ensure that the property will not be let to anyone else.

Private Landlord or Letting Agent

You've set your budget and chosen your area so now you need to find a flat or house to rent preferably, quickly and easily.