Ross Sullivan

I have a property in South-East London which I have let through more than one agent, and which is now managed by Blackheath Lettings. In my experience I have found that most agents are hard to get hold of once the property has been let, and don’t make enough effort to get in contact with you should an issue arise. This often leads to paying excessive fees for work being done without being consulted about it.

The same cannot be said for Blackheath Lettings. Not only are they very competitive with their fees, but also very generous with the service they provide and conscientious. When issues arise I am notified immediately. No work is done without consultation, and multiple quotes are obtained in order to get the best price when work is required. I never have a problem getting in touch with them and always receive timely replies to queries.

I am good friends with my tenants and I know from them that the service is equally good from their perspective. This provides excellent peace of mind. I have had worries in the past, but I never worry about my property or my tenants under the management of Blackheath Lettings.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Yours Faithfully

Ross Sullivan Landlord, 3 bedroom house in Ladywell